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Facial Rejuvenation

Neuromodulator treatments (Botox Injections)

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Discover the transformative effects of our Neuromodulator treatments, harnessing the power of Botulinum Toxin (commonly called Botox) injections for a rejuvenated and radiant you. It is the ultimate solution for smoother, youthful-looking skin. Our expertly administered treatments target fine lines and wrinkles, providing natural-looking results that restore your confidence. Ask us how we can help alleviate migraine headaches, reduce excessive sweating, and provide relief from muscle spasms with Botox treatment.

What we offer

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Increase your energy levels with B12 ( cobalamin ) injections. Say goodbye to fatigue and embrace a renewed sense of vitality.

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Methionine, choline, & cobalamin combine to enhance each other’s lipotropic effects to facilitate the burning of adipose tissue to be

used as energy fuel.

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Methionine, choline, carnitine, & B5 combine to induce energy production from fat.


GLOW/ SNOW WHITE DRIP $200- Most popular drip

Unlock your full potential with our potent trio of Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Alpha-Lipoic Acid. Experience the ultimate antioxidant synergy to support immunity, revitalize skin, and combat oxidative stress that leaves you with a glowing skin. Elevate your wellness journey today and feel the difference!

* Ask us about our products Snow-white cream and Glutathione night serum


Staff Favorite!

Discover the ultimate IV Boost with our potent blend of Glutathione, B-Vitamin Complex, Vitamins A, D, E, and C, and essential minerals like Zinc, Chromium, Copper, Manganese, and Selenium. Rejuvenate your body, strengthen your immune system, and promote overall wellness with this revitalizing infusion. Unleash your full potential and feel the revitalizing benefits from within

Glutathione 1200 mg $60 /$40 if an add-on to IV drip

Detoxify your body with the master antioxidant. This powerhouse helps eliminate toxins and enhances cellular health. Also helps restore collagen and suppresses melanin that leaves you with a brighter complexion.


Revilitalize your body with our rejuvenating Myers' Cocktail, packed with essential B complex vitamins, immune-boosting Vitamin C, and replenishing magnesium and calcium. Experience a burst of energy, enhanced immune support, and improved overall well-being. Elevate your health and vitality with every drip!


Experience the power of our Skinny/Get Lean IV therapy, infused with fat-burning Carnitine, metabolism-boosting Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and performance-enhancing Arginine. Shed unwanted pounds, ignite your metabolism, and achieve peak physical performance with this invigorating blend. Unlock your body's potential and embrace a

healthier, fitter you today!

*Ask us about our fat loss cream. 

What we offer

Benefits of IV Treatment

Rapid nutrient absorption: IV drips bypass the digestive system, ensuring immediate absorption and utilization of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients by the body.

Enhanced hydration: IV drips provide quick and efficient rehydration, beneficial for individuals with dehydration or those needing fast rehydration after intense physical activity or illness.

Improved nutrient status: IV drips can correct nutrient deficiencies, helping to boost overall health and support immune function.

Increased energy levels: Properly balanced IV drip supplements can provide a quick energy boost, making them popular among athletes and busy individuals.

Immune System Support: IV drips containing vitamins and minerals help support immune function, which can be especially beneficial during illness or times of increased susceptibility to infections.

Recovery support: IV drips with antioxidants and amino acids can aid in post-workout recovery and reduce oxidative stress.

Stress reduction: Some IV drip formulations include nutrients that promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Skin benefits: Certain IV drip cocktails contain ingredients that can improve skin health and appearance.

Customizable treatments: IV drip supplements can be tailored to meet individual needs, allowing for personalized nutrient delivery

​Convenient and time-saving: IV drip treatments are typically quick and can be administered in a medical setting or even at home, providing a convenient option for busy individuals seeking nutrient support.

While IV drip supplements offer various benefits, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing any treatment to ensure safety and appropriateness for individual health needs.

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